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Amer Fort Watch Tower - A Perfect Weekend Trek in Jaipur

One of the most famous and the most popular tourist destination in the county, Jaipur is already identified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site for Amer Fort and Jantar Mantar.

Apart from the heritage sites, Jaipur has a lot to offer especially to nature and adventure lovers. Out of many gorgeous treks in Jaipur, Watch Towers at Amer Fort is definitely the rarest of all and a perfect weekend getaway.  

This is one of the unique and outlandish sites to cover in Jaipur, which you can reach by accomplishing a small trek. You will be thrilled to know about the Great Wall of Amer, which surrounds the exquisite Amer Fort.

This is a half-day trip to the people staying in Jaipur and nearby areas on your weekends or off days to plan it along with Amber Fort Jaipur. Visitors traveling from far can cover this awesome spot on their Plan a Trip to Jaipur - A Complete 2-Day Tour Guide.

Let's get to know some interesting facts about the great wall of Amer Fort.

About The Great Wall of Amer Fort & Watch Tower

Amer Fort is one of the most renowned attractions of Jaipur and would be on the list of every Jaipur tour itinerary. This iconic fort is well eminent and grand. Its architecture is a perfect example of both Rajput's and Mughals' artistic styles. But did you know that there is another hidden and underrated spot just in front of this grand Fort, the great wall of Amer Fort?

Besides revealing the Paranoia view of Amer Fort and Amer town, you will be amazed to witness the amazing view of the entire city surrounded by the mighty and beautiful Aravalli hills. The Sunrise and Sunset view is absolutely remarkable and is the best to watch from here. It's just a perfect site for adventure lovers as well as photographers. The array of illustrated watchtowers gives the best view to sit and admire the surroundings and vista. This could be one of the best locations to do photography.

Climbing to the highest watch tower and viewing the paranormal view of Amer fort, the location is also known by the name the Amer Fort Viewpoint

View of Amer Fort from one of the Watch Tower
View of Amer Fort from one of the Watch Tower

History of the Great Wall of Amer Fort & Watch Tower

The Amer wall was intentionally built as a defense line to protect the Amer fort and the entire Amer town from outsiders and invaders entering. It was built by the rulers of the town with the idea to keep their capital city then, protected and safe.

The wall consist of many watchtowers so that it was easy for the soldiers to keep an eye on the surrounding areas and hills from the top. The great wall of Amer Fort was built a few hundred years ago, around the 16th century. 

The wall was assumed to be a few hundred kilometers long and was stretched through several villages, forests, and the town of Amer. But today only 40-50% is remaining as the rest of the section is destroyed. 

Fact Trivia: It is said that the Great Wall of Amer Fort is the third longest wall in the World. The second longest is also in Rajashthan, Rampart of Kumbhalgarh Fort. The first is of course the Great Wall of China.

How to Reach Amer Fort Watch Tower?

Amer Fort is located at a distance of around 11 kilometers from the main city of Jaipur and around 22 kilometers from Jaipur Airport.

The wall of Amer and the Watch Tower is just in front of the Fort. You can plan to cover both places on the same day. To reach the top of the watchtower, you need to climb through the wall, which begins just opposite the front area of the Amer fort.

Bus: The cheapest way to reach here is by public transport, Bus. There are plenty of AC and non-AC buses running from Hawa Mahal to Amer Fort at an interval of 10-15 minutes. You can opt for one and reach out directly to Amer Fort. Though, you might face the city traffic. Also if you are planning to view the sunrise, the buses won't be available so early.

Car/ Cab/Taxi: This is another best option to reach Amer Fort. If you are traveling directly from Airport or railway station, you can book a cab or hire a taxi to your destination.

How to Reach the Top of Watch Tower?

Once you reached the Amer Fort to the main road, at the front gate, you can see the watchtowers and the path directly opposite the Fort. You can find the staircase across the streets which leads to the top.

There is a small Dargah, you need to enter the dargah to get to the main stairs. There is a straightforward path to the top after climbing around 300-350 stairs, which are basically steep and large due to ancient architecture. You might feel tired while climbing and feel like a leg workout session.

It takes around half an hour to climb the stairs and reach the top of Amer Fort Watch Tower. There is no charge to visit this extraordinary viewpoint.

What is the Best Time to Visit the Amer Fort Watch Tower?

The best time to visit is during the winter season. Any tourist place in Jaipur is best to be visited in Winter. This is the peak time for the tourists and the visitors.

The summer in Rajasthan is sweltering as the temperature goes to 45-46 degrees celsius. If you are planning it in summer, So it's better to plan your trek early in the morning.

Monsoon season is also the best option to plan your visit to the Watchtowers of the Amer Fort as you will be able to witness the greenery beauty all around the Aravalli ranges. Also, the sun peaks less due to the amazing cloudy weather.

Jaipur looks stunning in Monsoon as Aravalli ranges turn green
Jaipur looks stunning in Monsoon as Aravalli ranges turn green

Our Experience of the Amer Fort Watch Tower Trek

As Jaipur is my hometown, I always look for some offbeat places nearby Jaipur to spend my weekends and to my surprise, Amer fort watch tower is something I didn't notice even after visiting Amer Fort a couple of times.

Being a nature and adventure lover I love hiking and treks. You can read more about my Treks in North India.

So I planned to visit the Amer Fort Watch Tower on one of the weekends early in the morning. It is a small and beautiful trek that any beginner can do. 

We tried to leave as early as possible at around 5 AM to catch the Sunrise and reached the base around 5:30 AM. Although we thought that there would be fewer numbers of people to our surprise, it was a bit crowded, as many youngsters and trek lovers were already there. 

We started our trek from Dargah which is at the base of the trek and covered a steep staircase which is enough to make us feel tired after only 50 stairs. As we are approaching the top, We couldn't resist doing some photography in between to capture stunning views of Amer fort and the lush green vegetation around it.

There are small bases present where there is enough space to take a rest and enjoy the scenic beauty of  the Maotha Lake and Amer Fort.

After taking a rest and some photography we resumed our trek and didn't stop until we reached the top as we don't want to miss the early morning sunrise view. After reaching the top we witnessed an amazing and epitome beauty of the sun emerging behind the giant Aravalli hills just from the opposite side of the Amer Fort. The soft light falling into the Fort was just incredible and outstanding to watch.

Captured this beautiful sunrise from Amer Fort Watch Tower
Captured this beautiful sunrise from Amer Fort Watch Tower

The view from the top was incredibly beautiful and it was absolutely worth visiting. This is definitely a hidden gem from where you can view amazing views of not only Amer Fort but also Aravali Hills, Jal Mahal, and beautiful Jaipur.

After doing some photography and enjoying the vibe around the Watch Tower we returned back from this amazing trek.

I would definitely recommend to all who are planning their trip to Jaipur, To plan this beautiful trek in your journey and experience the vibe of this place.

I and elder brother posed after completing the trek from the top of Watch Tower
I and elder brother posed after completing the trek from the top of Watch Tower

Important Points

1. Wear comfortable footwear as you have to walk and climb around 500 steps.

2. Be Careful while climbing up as the stairs are old and steep.

3. Don't forget to take a water bottle with you.

4. Be careful while taking photographs from the top.

5. Do not throw waste, wrappers, or covers in the open. Try to keep the place clean and hygienic.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Great Wall of Amer Fort and the Watch Tower and that you got all of the required information about the place.

Hope you plan your trek soon. Do share your experience in the comment section

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  1. The wall is now closed. In 2021 more than a dozen people died on the wall from a lightning strike. Now it's forbidden to climb (as of Dec 2022).


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