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Travel Guidelines

Travel Guidelines


  • Research everything about your destination, before traveling to the place.
  • Be up-to-date informed about the areas of the city - safe and unsafe areas as per covid guidelines.
  • Always have the contact details - Your hotel guy, local police, local guide if you have, in case of any emergency.
  • Do not involve in any fight or argument with the local public.

Safety Guidelines:

1. Travel safety-

  • Scheduling - Schedule your trip. Keep your travel and stay to yourself.
  • Stay Healthy- Make sure you are healthy and perfect to travel around.
  • Money- Keep extra money/backup money for any emergency.
  • Documents- Don't forget to keep your Photo ID/Passport.
  • Packing- Pack all the basic stuff (clothes, footwear, toiletries, speaker/headphones, charger, essentials, sanitizer).
  • First-aid-kit- Carry a first-aid-kit.
  • Try to travel during the day, not at night.
  • Avoid any fight or argument with any local.

2. Saftey in Hotel:

  • Try to book your accommodation prior, be clear with your requirements and the availability in your hotel/resort.
  • Check up on the reviews before booking.
  • Have the confirmation detail of your booking handy with you before checking in.
  • Always check to lock up your room before leaving or sleeping during nignt.

3. Saftey while transport:

  • Pre-book your flight or train or bus to have a safe journey.
  • Check your luggage/suitcase/purse before leaving from the airport or railway station.

  • Try not to share your cab/taxi with strangers.
  • Try not to get involved in any unwanted conversation.
  • Keep the Sanitizer handy.

4. Other Saftey Points to keep in mind:

  • Be aware of the scam when traveling.
  • Try using Google maps instead of depending on others.
  • Try not to wear exclusive jewelry in a crowded area or while traveling.
  • Be aware of the robbery. Keep your purse or luggage safe.

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