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Chabutra Trek- Best Adventurous Trek in Jaipur

I am here with one of the most beautiful and adventurous Treks in Jaipur, offering the most remarkable and stunning view of the famous Jal Mahal, the Chabutra Trek. This is one of the most stunning offbeat spots to view the entire pink city from one side and the marvelous Nahargarh fort standing in the midst of fabulous Aravalli ranges on the other side.

I will share all the vital information and details of this invigorating Trek. So keep reading!

About Trek

Chabutra trek is a famous yet hidden trek in Jaipur. The word Chabutra, in Hindi, means 'a stage'. The trek ends at an amazing spot where a few ruins of a stage-like structure are there called Chabutra, hence the name Chabutra Trek

It is believed that this structure is a part of the ruins of the old medieval fort or monument. And only this part is the remaining of the monument. The location provides the perfect viewpoint, especially in the monsoon.

Chabutra Trek View Point
Chabutra Trek View Point

Trekking Details

Starting Point: The trek starts from Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan, which is located at the base of Garh Ganesh Temple, and from there you need to climb up to Garh Ganesh Temple.

Trek Completion Time: Total trekking time is 2-3 hours (round way).

Distance: Trek is 2-3 kilometers Approx.

Difficulty Level: The trek level is easy.

Gaitore  Ki Chhatariyan- Trek starting point
Gaitore  Ki Chhatriyan- Trek starting point

What is the Trekking Route of Chabutra Trek?

First, you need to reach Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan, there is a parking area to park your vehicle. Take the stairs and after taking 50 steps you need to take left(As indicated in the route map below) and that trail will take you to the Garh Ganesh Temple which is located at the top of the hill. Or you can opt for the stairs route to reach Garh Ganesh Temple.

Once you reach Garh Ganesh Temple, you will find a trail going inside the bushy hill, for reference follow the map or you can watch the video.

Start walking on that trail and slowly you will get the steep climbing covered with beautiful greenery forming an amazing view. The complete route is simple and straight, with a gorgeous view of nature. 

Finally, you will reach the stage-like structure, Chabutra. There are stairs to climb up at the top and finally, you will be at your outstanding viewpoint. 

Chabutra Trek Route Guide
Chabutra Trek Route Guide

What is the Best Time for Chabutra Trek?

Monsoon Season: The best and the most satisfying season to plan this trek is the monsoon season. The stunning Aravalli ranges will be covered with green vegetation, and the aroma of the place will be just amazing. Along with the green scenic beauty, the weather will be chill with breezy air. You will have an enjoyable trek this season.

Winter Season: Another good option is the winter season. This is also a good time to plan this trek. Although you may not notice the greenery around you like in the monsoon season, winter has another perk to offer, which is the foggy and mystic view of Jaipur city and the marvelous Jal Mahal.

Summer Season: The summer season means extremely hot weather in Jaipur, but still you can plan this trek in the early morning time to save yourself from the bright sun.

Charan Mandir looks stunning on the top of lush green Aravalli Hills
Charan Mandir looks stunning on the top of lush green Aravalli Hills

My Experience of Chabutra Trek

This trek was a sudden plan during my trekking trips in Jaipur. I got to know about this trek through one of my friends but couldn't get much information on this on the internet. So we decided to plan this trek and explore the new places in Jaipur. This time even my college friends decided to join me on this trek.

So as planned, we reached Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan in the early morning and all of us met at the parking area. We took our bag full of snacks and I also brought homemade tea to amaze my friends, thanks to my lovely wife. 

We started our journey from Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan and after climbing the stairs, we reached Garh Ganesh Temple, which was a very easy task for me as I had already covered Garh Ganesh to Charan Mandir Trek through the same route to Garh Ganesh Temple.

A glimpse of Garh Ganesh Temple from the trekking route
A glimpse of Garh Ganesh Temple from the trekking route

After reaching Garh Ganesh Temple, we followed a small trail taking us to the bushy hill. The trail was clear and not so confusing and I must say the scene was stunning and dreamy, especially for the jaipurite. We noticed two more college students joined us on the trek as they were curious that where we were going (since I was shooting my journey for my vlog channel, they became more generous to join us). 

Finally, after walking and talking, we didn't realize that we reached our destination spot. We found the broken stage-like structure with stairs to climb to the top. We climbed up and eventually witness the most stunning view we were talking about. I could see the entire Jaipur city on one side and the exquisite Nahargarh Fort in the midst of the Aravalli ranges forming just a perfect view. The stunning beauty of the Jal Mahal seems like floating in the mid of Man Sagar lake completely took my heart.

Incredible View of Jal Mahal and Jaipur City from the Trek View Point
Incredible View of Jal Mahal and Jaipur City from the Trek View Point

We spent a great fun time there, had tea and some snacks. I took amazing shots for my vlog and I was just loving the vibe of the entire place. 

After spending enough time, we finally came back to our car and hence completed our trek successfully.

The whole experience was just marvelous and really loved the vibe with this wondering look on my face that Jaipur has a lot of hidden gems yet to be covered.

Points to Keep in Mind

1. Carry a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated along with some energy bars or snacks.

2. Wear a good pair of trekking shoes with a good grip as the trails are steep and have uneven surfaces.

3. Maintain cleanliness in nature. Do not throw any garbage in the open. If you plan to carry snacks with you carry the leftover wrappers with you and keep the surroundings clean for our next fellow trekkers.

I hope you like reading this post on Chabutra Trek, Please let us know your experience in the comments section would love to read it.

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Thank you for Reading!

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