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Sagar Lake Trek Jaipur - Ultimate Travel Guide

Everything in nature always inspires us to be what we are!

With this inspirational thought, I am here with a new adventurous and one of the most beautiful treks in Jaipur, which starts from Sagar Lake and ends at Chohde Ke Hanuman Ji.

This trek is my personal favorite as the viewpoint from the place is so captivating and epic. The place is just an admirable and exquisite gift of nature. I would definitely recommend Jaipurits to go and experience this beauty of nature, especially in Monsoon.

I am going to share all the required information related to this trek, but first, let's begin with knowing something about the place -

About Sager Lake

Sagar Lake can be considered the exclusive hidden gem for the general people. This rectangular-shaped man-made Lake was built by Raja Sawai Jai Singh, with the intention of rainwater harvesting. So that the water stored in the lake can be used in the Amer Fort or by the local animals. 

The lake is divided into two parts:

  • Upper Sagar and,
  • Lower Sager.

Situated just behind the Kheri Gate and the Anokhi Museum, you can reach Upper Sagar directly by your car. But once you cross this and walk through the side path, you will be able to see the hidden standout of Lower Lake, surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli ranges. 

Captured the beautiful landscape of Sagar Lake while doing trek
Captured the beautiful landscape of Sagar Lake while doing the trek

As you move forward, you will come across a few temples and green trails, and finally, you will reach the most beautiful view of Jaigarh Fort surrounded by the beautiful green Aravalli, creating a spectacular view. 

What is the Trekking Route from Sagar Lake To Chohde Ke Hanuman Ji?

Sagar Lake is around 20 kilometers from the center of the city. And, to reach Sagar Lake one has to cross the Kheri Gate which is opposite to Anokhi museum. Kheri gate is also considered the landmark to reach Sagar Lake.

From Sagar Lake, there are a couple of other treks also start which are popularly known as Bhuteshwar Mahadev Mandir Trek, Amba Mata Trek, and Chohde Ke Hanuman Ji Trek. We will cover other treks in our next blog post.

To reach Chohde Ke Hanuman Ji, you need to follow the below path:

  • Amer Fort --> Kheri Gate --> Take a left and Reach Sagar Lake.
  • From Sagar, Lake --> Climb the stairs --> Take a Right and follow the trail, 
  • And, just after 50 meters, you will find a big rock on which Jai Shri Ram is written in white. This can be considered as the marking of the starting point of our actual Trek.
  • Keep walking and you will reach Parvateshwar Mahadev Temple, which is the first checkpoint. 
  • Keep following the track path and you will see a Red Gate of Chode Ke Hanuman Ji Temple.
  • To reach the viewpoint to capture the stunning view of Jaigarh Fort you have to climb a wall which is behind the temple.

What is the Best Time for Sagar Lake Trek?

The Best Time for this trekking is in Monsoon Season. The view during monsoon is just remarkable. It's full of green vegetation, and the weather will be chill with a windy aura, along with the calmness and peace surrounded by beautiful nature. A perfect scene for a picnic or a solitary time for yourself.

You can try this trekking in Winter Season as well but you will miss the greenery vegetation.

You can do this trek in Summer Season but you have to plan it early in the morning, as it will be extremely hot as the day passes and there will be not so much scenic beauty around.

Landscape turns green in Monsson
The landscape turns green in Monsson

My Experience of Sagar Lake Trek

I am always fond of places close to nature and full of green verdure. When I researched about this trek I was so excited and eager to reach the spot. Hence without wasting much time, I quickly called a few friends of mine in Jaipur and planned this trek for the following weekend.

We reached the decided meeting point at Sagar Lake near Kheri gate at around 6 AM morning. We parked our cars there, took our bags along with some eatery items and water bottles from the car, and started walking to move further as we had already missed sunrise and didn't want to be further late.

We walked just 50 meters through the sideway and found a big rock on which Jai Shri Ram was written in white. This was the actual starting point of our trek. We all were thrilled and excited to explore this part of Jaipur.

"Jai Shree Ram" written on rocks placed as an indicator on the trek routes
"Jai Shree Ram" is written on rocks placed as an indicator on the trek routes

We kept walking and with every passing step trail got more inclined and the view around looked more gorgeous as the big Jaigarh fort walls were clearly visible and covered in lush green trees. We grabbed our cameras immediately and captured some beautiful landscapes.

After spending a few minutes soaking in the beauty of the surrounding we continued our trek journey and in no time we reached Parvateshwar Mahadev Temple, which is the indicator that we are on the right path of our trek. 

And following the same trail further, we saw some beautiful flowers blooming on the Prosopis cineraria(also known as Khejri) tree which is widely found in the Rajasthan region all around our trail. The whole pathway looked amazingly beautiful and we couldn’t resist capturing the beauty of the trail.

Pink Flowers blooming on Khejri(Prosopis Cineraria) Tree
Pink Flowers blooming on Khejri(Prosopis Cineraria) Tree

As we continued our trek journey we reached a point where we saw a red gate and one more path in the right direction. As we were curious to know what was inside the red gate we went inside and to our surprise, we reached our destination, its the culmination of our trek we could clearly see the beautiful temple called Chohde Ke Hanuman Ji Temple.

We went inside the temple and offered prayers and in doing so we had a conversation with the priest inside the temple. He guided us to the viewpoint which is just behind the temple from where we can see the entire Jaigarh Fort.

Roaming outside Chohde Ke Hanumanji Temple
Roaming outside Chohde Ke Hanumanji Temple

We thanked the priest and quickly moved behind the temple from where we had to climb a small wall and cover a 100-meter distance on the wall itself to reach the viewpoint. And, trust me after reaching the viewpoint we really felt our trek paid off well we were in front of the most stunning view.

If I try to explain the view that we witnessed, I may sound very dramatic because the view and the surroundings were extremely beautiful. The air was windy, and the weather was cloudy thanks to the monsoon season.

The view of Jai Garh Fort, surrounded by the green Aravalli ranges in front of us was just marvelous and splendid. We were so happy and nostalgic that we decided to come here. 

Incredible view of Jaigarh Fort from the Trek viewpoint
Incredible view of Jaigarh Fort from the Trek viewpoint

We could hear the birds chirping, the scenic beauty was glorious and the complete aura and the vibe of the place were just incredible. We really had a great friends bonding time, had some snacks, did a lot of talking sort of a picnic and finally came back.

Key Points to keep in Mind

1. The total trek distance is 3 to 3.5 kilometers and it will take around 2.5 to 3 hours to complete only the trekking part.

2. Carry a water bottle and some snacks with you if you want to set up a picnic after reaching. 

3. Try to wear a good pair of trekking shoes as the trail is steep and has stones on the trail.

4. Maintain cleanliness in nature. Do not throw any garbage in open. Always try to make our surroundings clean for our next fellow trekkers.

I hope you like reading this post on Sagar Lake Trek. Please let us know in the comments section once you complete this trek.

If you are keen to explore more trekking places in Jaipur, please visit Best Trekking Places in Jaipur

Thank you for Reading :)

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