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Amba Mata Trek in Jaipur - The Perfect Guide

With the beginning of the new Festive Season of Navratri in the country, I am here with one of the most ravishing, adventurous, and religious treks in Jaipur, the Amba Mata Trek. The trek is as beautiful and special as its destination, the Amba Mata Temple. I am going to share all the necessary details and information required for this trek. So keep reading!

But before that, let's get to know something about the Amba Mata Temple - 

Amba Mata Temple

Amba Mata Temple is one of the most promising, holy, and peaceful places, situated in the midst of the beautiful Aravalli ranges, which surround the city of Jaipur. Although, the temple was built way back even before the settlement of Jaipur city, around the 16th century. 

It is believed that the divine icon of the Goddess appeared by itself and it is not human-made. You can only view the head portion, the face of the Goddess. You will be amazed by seeing such a godly image of Amba Mata.

The locals take care of the temple, they decorate the face and the image of Mata every morning at proper timings. The temple and the vibe are very peaceful and the feeling of calmness emerges once you this place. The locals believe and have faith that, every wish asked from the whole-hearted will come true. 

Goddess Amba Mata idol placed inside the temple
Goddess Amba Mata's idol was placed inside the temple

Trekking Details

Starting Point: The trek starts from Sagar Lake, near Amer Fort. You need to cross Kheri Gate just opposite Anokhi museum to reach Sagar Lake.

Trek Completion Time: Total Trekking Time is 3-4 hours (round way).

Distance: Trek is 2-3 kilometers Approx.

Difficulty Level: The difficulty level is easy.

What is the Trekking Route to Reach Amba Mata Temple?

The trekking route to reach Amba Mata Temple is quite simple. You need to follow the following steps:

  • Reach Sagar Lake, Amer near Kheri gate.
  • Park your vehicle in the parking area and climb up the stairs.
  • Take right till the end and then left to walk 50 meters, you will find a big rock, with an expression of "Jai Shree Ram" written over it.
  • From the temple follow the path in the right direction and keep walking through the same trail.
  • You will find marking on the board of "Mata Ji Ka Rasta" on your way.
Trekking Route Map from Sagar Lake to Amba Mata Temple
Trekking Route Map from Sagar Lake to Amba Mata Temple

What is the Best Time for Amba Mata Trek?

Monsoon Season: One of the best times to plan your trek to Amba Mata Temple is the monsoon season. The trekking route will be covered with greenery and the whole Aravalli range would look complete green, full of vegetation, creating an eternal beauty view. Also, the weather will be wonderful, just complementing the scenic aroma of nature.

Winter Season: Another great time to plan this trek is during the winter season or early winter. The climate will be good, you can still witness the beautiful greenery all over your trekking trail, which will remain for some time just after the spring. The morning will be amazing, foggy, and misty.

Summer Season: You can plan your trek in the summer season as well but make sure you do it in the mornings the afternoon would be sweltering hot reaching the temperature of 40 degrees. But you may not have a green view on your trails due to extremely hot climatic conditions.

Gorgeous view of Sagar Lake early morning in the monsoon season
Gorgeous view of Sagar Lake early morning in the monsoon season

My Experience of Amba Mata Trek

I am very eager to share my experience of one of the most beautiful, striking yet simple treks which I recently did in Jaipur. The main intention which drove us to choose the Amba Mata Trek is the festive vibe of Navratri. As we know Navratri is considered one of the main festivals in the country, which brings out a religious, enthusiastic, and colorful vibe in the entire country.

As planned we left in the early morning and reached Sagar Lake near Amer Fort. We easily and quickly reached Chohde Ke Hanuman Ji temple as we had already done a few treks via the same route. 

On my way to reach Chohde Ke Hanuman Ji Temple
On my way to reach Chohde Ke Hanuman Ji Temple

After reaching the temple, we took right and started walking straight on the trail. The trail was as beautiful as thought, full of greenery, an amazing aura, and an enthusiastic vibe in such pleasant weather. We found a few signs on the board on our way which indicated the correct way and we reached the temple without any hassle and confusion.

We pass through the ruins of Kuntal Garh fort in our trek
We pass through the ruins of Kuntal Garh fort in our trek

There is a Kund in front of the temple full of water, and after a long discussion, we finally decided to take a dive in that pool. The water was chilled and there were a few more groups of friends enjoying inside the pool. We had a great time and fun there. 

We found a small pond which got formed after monsoon rain
We found a small pond which got formed after monsoon rain

Then we entered the temple and met a very kind and gentle man, who was already there with a big bag full of dozens of bananas and grains. We were surprised for a moment when we saw him calling all the monkeys around and feeding them bananas and grains.

Amba Mata Temple
Amba Mata Temple

That was such an incredible view to watch. I was personally amazed that still there are so generous and humble people around us. I was kind of moved by his selfless gesture towards the animals.

We in fact got a chance to have a conversation with him. He was very kind to us and took us inside the temple, showing us the divine idol of Mata Rani. Again I was moved by looking at the image of the Goddess inside the small cave-like structure. They were decorating the idol and offered pooja when we were there. It was such an unforgettable experience, I had there. It was so calm, and peaceful surrounded by kind and wise people.

In fact, that uncle along with his friends, made us sit there and prepared tea in an earthy container, which tasted so different and amazing than normal tea. I was so happy that we decided to come here.

After spending some time, we returned to our starting point and finally came back.

Key Points to keep in Mind

1. Carry a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated along with some protein bars or snacks for munching.

2. Try to wear a good pair of trekking shoes for your smooth journey.

3. If you are interested to enter the Kund (pool), try to carry a pair of extra cloth with you.

3. Maintain cleanliness in nature. Do not throw any garbage or wrapper in the open to make your nature clean.

I hope you like reading this post on Amba Mata Trek, Please let us know in the comments section.

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Thank you for Reading!

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