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Chor Ghati Trek | Best Offbeat Trek in Jaipur

I am here with another incredible trekking venture, the Chor/Chour Ghati trek, within the boundaries of the beautiful city of Jaipur. With an assurance that this is going to be one of the most adventurous treks that you can have in Jaipur, I am going to provide all the necessary details and information required for this trek.

Chor Ghati trek is an unforgettable and one of the most adventurous treks, crowned around the green Aravallis Hills, with incredible verdure, lush green tints of deciduous trees, and calm nature. After reaching the top, all you can hear is the melodious voice of birds chirping and the rhythmic sound of breezy air. Being one of the most serene canyons surrounding Jaipur city, Galta valley has a lot to showcase.

Let's begin with knowing something about the Chor Ghati - 

About Chor/Chour Ghati

Chor Ghati is located in the wide range of the Galta sanctuary. situated, near the Galta Ji Temple also known by the name the Monkey Temple, the zone is far from the commercial province. Being in the wild zone area, the place is the home of wild animals, especially the Leopards

There is a shattered fort named Raghunath Garh Fort on the spot. After reaching the top of that fort, you will be rewarded with one of the best views you can ever imagine in Jaipur. The magnificence and beauty of the leftover Aravalli range, covered in green vegetation, especially during the monsoon will keep you stunned. The greenery and the scenery of Galta valley showcase the best of nature's offerings. 

Trekking in this location can be considered one of the most adventurous and thrilling experiences that you can have specifically because of the wildlife zone and also the steep trails with ample bushes.

After accomplishing the trek and reaching the viewpoint of Chor Ghati, the view of the beautiful and stunning Galta valley that you will witness will definitely keep you stunned, making this one of the most recognized trekking spots in Jaipur. 

Myth Story: I have also heard of a tale that earlier, the thieves and robbers used to hide in this Ghati after stealing the jewelry and stuff from the Royal Palace. Hence the name Chor/Chour Ghati.

Some people also say that this story is a fake story, instead, the place is considered one of the sacred places in Jaipur as it is just above the Galta Ji Temple.

Ruins of Raghunath Garh Fort at the top of Chor Ghati Trek
Ruins of Raghunath Garh Fort at the top of Chor Ghati Trek

What are the Trekking Details?

Starting Point: The trek starts and ends at the Galta Ji Temple main gate.

Trek Completion Time: Total Trekking Time is 3-4 hours (round way).

Distance: Trek is 2-3 kilometers Approx.

Difficulty Level: The difficulty level is moderate.

What is the Trekking Route to Reach the Chor/Chour Ghati?

  • The trek starts from the very famous Galta Ji Temple main gate. 
  • Reach Galta Ji Main Gate --> Enter inside the gate and find the stairs to climb up at the end of the temple area. 
  • Cross three Kundas, behind the temple and find the trek path indicated on the map below.
  • Once you got the trekking trail, start climbing the cliff till you find a ramp walk made of stones.
  • Walk straight through the ramp walk (avoid going in the right direction from that ramp walk).
  • Keep walking on the straight trail, which might be bushy and may have long grasses.
  • Finally, you would see the broken fort in front of you. You need to climb the stairs of the fort to reach the top and finally your viewpoint.
Chor Ghati Trek Map
Chor Ghati Trek Map

What is the Best Time for Chor/Chour Ghati Trek?

You can plan this trek anytime throughout the year, provided that you plan in the early morning.

Monsoon Season: The most preferable season to plan Chor Ghati trek is definitely the monsoon season. This is the best season to witness the best of nature which is the impressive vegetation and beautiful scenery.

Winter Season: Winter is another great time to plan this trek. Although you won't find much greenery like in the rainy season still, the foggy and dew around the hills will definitely take your heart away.

Summer Season: In fact, you can plan this trek in the summer season as well but of course in the early mornings. As we are well aware that the summer season in Jaipur is extremely hot and you would not enjoy your trek under the burning sun.

Incredible view of Jaipur from the top view point of Chor Ghati Trek
Incredible view of Jaipur from the top viewpoint of Chor Ghati Trek

My Experience of Chor/Chour Ghati Trek

In the list of my adventurous treks in Jaipur, I would keep the Chor Ghati trek on the top not because the trails were difficult but because of the wildlife zone. 

When I was doing research on this trek, As per locals it's a leopard zone and they have spotted it a couple of times that scared me even to attempt this trek in the first place but I was totally flattened by the stunning view I was going to witness from the top of the viewpoint. So to be on the safer side, I called up a few of my local friends to join me on this trek, and surprisingly they were even more excited than I was.

As planned, we gathered in front of Galta Ji Temple Gate in the early morning. As we thought of doing a small picnic-style fun at the viewpoint, we also grabbed some eatery items like chips, some biscuits, and tea with us. 

Once all of us gathered, we started our adventurous trek by climbing the stairs at the end of Galta Ji Temple. After climbing we reached the starting point of our trail inside the forestry zone. I could view our goal point from the place where we were standing, at the top of the hill. This made me even more excited.

Chor Ghati Trek Start Point
Chor Ghati Trek Start Point

After walking on the trail for some time, we got a ramp walk type of stage made of big stones and concrete. We walked through that ramp walk in a straight direction to avoid going in the right direction.

After walking continuously for some time the trail became a bit tougher as there was steep climbing with large bushes. About after an hour, we reached a point where we saw trails in two different directions(For reference: Please refer map above), one was with a clear track and the other was a bit scary as it was bushy with gigantic grasses. We got confused and took the clear route, but luckily my google map was working and we got to know that we took the wrong path.

Captured the gorgeous view of city, while we are climbing the trails
Captured the gorgeous view of the city, while we are climbing the trails

Then we went back to the same point and moved towards the bushy lane. And that was the point we got spooked a bit, only because of the largely grown grasses as we couldn't see the trail clearly. After seeing those bushes, the thought of panthers definitely came into our minds. Slowly we kept walking and finally saw the broken fort in front of us.

Instead of entering the fort, we directly took the stairs and reached the top. The view from the top was just very beautiful and stunning. We became relaxed and cozy in that outstanding viewpoint. The spot was perfect for us to enjoy beautiful nature with friends. We had a tea party and spend a very good time with friends surrounded by stunning nature.

Stunning view of Trek View Point
Stunning view of Trek View Point

The impressive view of nature, the distant though the fabulous view of Nahargarh, Garh Ganesh, Charan Mandir, and, Jai Garh Fort appearing in between the Aravalli ranges created a marvelous view altogether. We took a lot of memorable photographs, and I took amazing shots for my Vlog - Chor Ghati Trek Jaipur. All together we had a lot of fun on this trek.

After around an hour, we headed back and finally reached our starting point, Galta Ji Temple.

My overall experience was very memorable and amazing. The trek was not so tough as the trails were clear in most of the parts, it's just the bushes were dense because of the monsoon season. At some point, we had a thrilling moment, because actually the site is defined as a leopard zone area.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

1. Try to plan this trek with a group of around 4-5 people as this is a leopard zone area.

2. Be aware of wild animals as this site comes under a wildlife zone, especially leopards. Do not move forward if you notice any unusual movement in between the bushes. Try to be calm in such a situation and be with your group. 

3. Carry a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and some snacks or protein bars for munching.

4. Try to wear a good pair of trekking shoes with a good grip as the trail is steep and has stones.

5. Carry a wooden stick with you while trekking into the forest to clear the trek trails and any obstacles.

6. Maintain cleanliness in nature. Do not throw any garbage in open. If you plan to carry snacks with you carry the leftover wrappers and keep the surroundings clean for our next fellow trekkers.

7. Try not to visit this place or plan this trek in dark. Morning time, after sunrise is the best time for this trek.

I hope you like reading this post on Chor/Chour Ghati Trek, Please let us know your experience in the comments section would love to read it.

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Thank you for Reading!

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