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Trek to Chulgiri Jain Temple - Ultimate Travel Guide

Life is bliss if you spend time with Nature, which is the best medicine for serenity, calmness, and stillness. 

With the above thought, we are here with a new adventure trek at Jaipur's outskirts, the ravishing Chulgiri Hills. I am going to share all of the details and the required information about Chulgiri Hills and the beautiful Jain Temple at its top. 

If you are looking for a place where you can get a breathtaking view of nature, a noise-free self-analysis time for yourself, or even if you want to spend quality time with your friends and families. This should be your next place to visit near Jaipur.

Let's start with knowing about this place.

About Chulgiri Hills

Beautiful Chulgiri Hill is a proper blend of adventure, nature, and religiosity. Chulgiri Hills is one of the most beautiful and impressive places in Jaipur which serves incredible views of nature, adventurous opportunities as well as pilgrimage visits to ancient temples with historical stories.

Chulgiri is surrounded by the Aravalli ranges giving a captivating and gorgeous view from the top of the hill. Chulgiri is considered one of the holiest and very famous places, especially among Jains as there is a beautiful Jain temple at the top of the hill. 

The temple is very famous all over the world, especially for its natural meditation setup, surrounded by the calmness of nature, which gives a feeling of liberation, to those who practice rumination here.

Chulgiri hills in Jaipur
Incredible view of Chulgiri Hills in Monsoon

Chulgiri Jain Temple

Chulgiri Jain temple was discovered in the year 1953 by Acharya Shri Desh Bhushan Ji. He visited this place in search of a peaceful place to practice meditation and finally chooses this place as the location of his introspection because of the beautiful serene environment and peaceful nature. Later he decided to build a Jain Temple, which was given the name "Chulgiri". 

The temple is built in the midst of the Aravalli ranges, at the top of Chulgiri Hills, which is 1000 steps from the ground.

Around the year 1966, three white stone sculptures of Shree Parshavnath, Mahaveer Swami, Tirthankars, and Neminath were inaugurated. Later the temple was renovated with 24 Tirthankar statues and a water tank to collect water for worship. 

Later in the year 1982, one of the tallest statues of Mahaveer Swami was constructed, which is around 21 feet tall. A 65 feet dome was also made to cover the statue. The statue is huge, beautiful, and made of white stone. 

The temple is one of the most religious spots for Jains. It also has a vast Jain library filled with religious books.

Jain Temple at the top of Chulgiri Hills
Jain Temple at the top of Chulgiri Hills

How to Reach Chulgiri Hills?

Chulgiri is around 20 kilometers from the center of the city Jaipur. You can easily get cabs or taxis to drop you off directly at the "Ghat ki Gunni" tunnel, from where you have to trek and reach the top of Chulgiri hills.

You can also catch a local bus till Ghat ki Gunni and from there you can walk and trek to your destination.

What are the Routes to Reach Chulgiri Jain Mandir?

Trekking Route

One way to reach this marvelous Jain Temple, also known by the name Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple is you can trek or climb to reach the top via stairs. Yes, there are 1000 stairs to climb to reach Jain Mandir. You will easily find the stairs once you reach the base point of Chulgiri Hill. The stairs will take you directly to the Jain Mandir.

Drive/ride cycle to the Top of the Hill to directly reach Jain Mandir

There is another option if you are not willing to climb the stairs. You can directly drive your vehicle to the top i.e. Jain Mandir. There is a well-maintained roadway to reach the top of the hill. You can even do cycling via this road if you want to.

Roadway to reach the top of Chulgiri Jain Temple
Roadway to reach the top of Chulgiri Jain Temple

What is the Best Time to visit Chulgiri Hill?

The Best time to visit Chulgiri hill is during the Monsoon season. You will be thrilled to see the beauty of nature during this time. The whole Aravalli range would be covered with greenery and you will be really amazed and astonished to witness this scene. The view from the top during this time is definitely breathtaking. 

The Winter season is also a good option to visit and trek Chigiri hill. You will not feel hot, the climate would be pleasant and good for trekking.

Try not to visit here during the Summer season, summer would be really hot and you will get exhausted while climbing up. The trip would not be enjoyable.

Chulgiri Hills in Monsoon gives completely different vibe
Chulgiri Hills in Monsoon gives a completely different vibe

What are the Timings to Visit Chulgiri Jain Temple?

The time to visit the Jain Temple is 10 AM to 8.30 PM

Although, Jains are allowed to enter and practice worship/do Pooja, early in the morning. 

Note: If you are visiting the place, especially for the Temple darshan, try to reach by 10, if you are not Jain. If you going to Chulgiri hills for an adventurous trekking experience and to enjoy nature's greenery and beautiful scenery and to get some self-loathing time for yourself, then you can go early in the morning. Not to miss to witness the Sunrise in the midst of Aravalli. 

Is there any Entry-fee to visit Chulgiri Jain Temple?

No, there is no entry fee applicable here.

Also, there is no chargeable parking. Although, car parking was quite risky as there is good space to park the car but no one to take care of.

My Experience of Chulgiri Hill Trek

My experience of the Chugiri trek was quite embracing and adventurous. In case you want to watch video, I have covered it in detail in my YouTube Channel - The Humble World

We planned this trek on one of the weekends during our stay in my hometown, Jaipur. We started very early at around 5 AM in the morning from our home and reached the base of the Chulgiri hills by 5.45 AM and parked our car at the same place at our own risk as there is no gated parking space. 

The morning vibe of this place is so serene and calm that I can clearly hear birds chirping. The surrounding was just amazing. It was really worth it to get up in the early morning to reach here. Nature was looking so beautiful and green everywhere. 

Early Morning Sunrise in Chulgiri Jain Temple
Early Morning Sunrise in Chulgiri Jain Temple

At the base of the stairs, no one was there to accompany us on our trek which was quite surprising. So we began our journey. As we keep climbing the stairs the view was getting more spectacular which was delight to our eyes. 

We can clearly spot the "Ghat ki Guni" tunnel after climbing around 200 stairs and lush green Aravali ranges soaked in mist make a perfect picturesque for photography. So without any delay, we grabbed our cameras and snapped a couple of pictures, and then continued our climbing journey afterward.

Spectacular view of Ghat ki Guni tunnel in Chulgiri Hills
Spectacular view of Ghat ki Guni tunnel in Chulgiri Hills

After halfway through, we started to feel tiredness and we got completely drenched in sweat. So we took a break for a few minutes and sip water to keep ourselves hydrated. One local passerby passed as we were resting so we had a short conversation and joined him in our journey.

After climbing almost 1000 stairs we finally reached the top of the Jain Temple and trust me the view from this place is beyond words. Even at the top, we couldn't find anyone other than a fellow passerby.

And to our surprise entry to the Jain Temple was not allowed before 10AM for the public unless you are "Jain" which is a bit disappointing. Although we googled before visiting and the temple gets to open early in the morning. 

Even though we couldn't enter the temple, but still the trek, the view, and the surrounding made my visit here worth it.

If you are in Jaipur don't miss out on this incredible trek and plan accordingly.

Important Points 

1. Take care of the timings, if you are interested in visiting the temple from the inside.

2. Take a water bottle with you, if you are trekking to the top of Chulgiri hill.

3. Take care of the route if you are driving your own car, as the lanes are small you might miss your route.

4. Be aware of Monkeys. The monkeys here are very notorious and dangerous. They might try to snatch things from your hands or even sit and destroy your vehicle.

5. Try to wear good pair of shoes if you are climbing to the top.

I hope you liked reading the post on Chulgiri Hill and if you are keen to explore more trekking places in Jaipur I have covered it in another blog post Amer Fort Watch Tower - A Perfect Weekend Trek in Jaipur.

Thank you for Reading. 

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