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Kanak Ghati Trek: A Scenic and Adventurous Trek in Jaipur

Kanak Ghati is a lush green valley surrounded by picturesque hills and dotted with ancient temples and palaces. 

The trek takes you through the rugged terrain of the Aravalli Hills, offering stunning views of the Jaipur cityscape and the surrounding countryside.

In this blog will share all the details required to complete this beautiful trek.

About Kanak Ghati Trek

The Kanak Ghati trek is a popular hiking trail located in the Aravalli Hills near Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 

The Kanak Ghati trek is relatively easy and suitable for beginners, but it can be challenging in some places, especially during the monsoon season when the trail may become slippery and muddy.

Kanak Ghati Trek in Jaipur
Kanak Ghati Trek in Jaipur

Trekking Details

Starting Point: The starting point of the Trek is near Kanak Ghati, Jaipur(View in Map)

Trek Completion Time: Total Trekking time is 1-2 hours (round way)

Distance: Trek is 4 kilometers (round way) approx.

Difficulty Level: The trek difficulty level is Easy.

Trek starting point near Kanak Ghati
Trek starting point near Kanak Ghati

What is the route of the Kanak Ghati Trek?

The trekking route of Kanak Ghati is relatively easy compared to other Popular Treks in Jaipur which I have covered.

The trek starts from the viewpoint located very close to Kanak Ghati(View on Map). At the starting point, there is a small Hanumanji temple which has enough parking space for two-wheeler and four-wheelers.

The trail starts once you climb the fort wall, and once you reach the top you will find steep stairs which you need to climb to proceed forward.

The trail takes you through some breathtaking views of Amer fort and Jal Mahal and as you keep moving you will come across a temple where you can take a halt and proceed further for the final viewpoint.

Somewhere in the middle of the trail
Somewhere in the middle of the trail

My Experience of Kanak Ghati Trek?

I got to know about this trek from YouTube but it didn't have enough details which I can follow to complete the trek. So I decided to cover this trek along with my friends with whom I have already covered some beautiful and amazing treks in Jaipur( Top 12 Treks in Jaipur) and Kanak Ghati Trek is a new addition to this list.

We all gather at a viewpoint close to Kanak Ghati in Jaipur on Sunday early morning and we started our trek journey around 6AM. To our surprise, there is one more trekking group joining us on our trek journey.

The initial trail is very easy as we only need to climb the wall and follow the steep stairs alongside the wall. but as we started climbing we felt pain in our legs as it's difficult to hike on a trail with steep stairs. so we keep on taking a halt after climbing a couple of stairs and soaking ourselves in the beauty of the Aravalli hills. 

Stunning foggy view of Amer fort wall
Stunning foggy view of Amer fort wall

After walking for an hour we reached a point where we can see a temple and that is our first viewpoint. we all took a halt there and hydrated ourselves with water and looked around to find the trail.
From the temple, we need to do a small hike to find our trail but it is covered in bushes. So keep this in mind whenever you plan to go for a trek.

Temple is the first view point of the Trek
Temple is the first viewpoint of the Trek

As we moved forward from the temple, within in next half n hour we reached our final viewpoint which is an abandoned square shape wall. We all sat alongside that viewpoint and captured some beautiful images and created videos for Instagram reels.

Final view point of the trek
The final viewpoint of the Trek

We enjoyed our tea and snacks with our trekkers and share some beautiful moments with them. The vibe of that place is so good I decided to visit again whenever I will get a chance again.

Overall, The trek offers a perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of nature in Jaipur with your friends and family.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

1. The total trek distance is 4 kilometers and it will take around 2-3 hours(round way) to complete the trekking. 

2. Carry a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and some snacks or protein bars for munching. 

3. Try to wear a good pair of trekking shoes with a good grip as the trail has stairs and it will be slippery in the monsoon season.

4. Maintain cleanliness in nature. Do not throw any garbage in open. If you plan to carry snacks with you carry the leftover wrappers and keep the surroundings clean for our next fellow trekkers. 

I hope you like reading this post on Kanak Ghati Trek, Please let us know your experience in the comments section would love to read it. 

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Thank you for Reading!

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