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Work From Goa - A Workation Guide

Are you planning to Work From Goa?

Today I am going to share our experiences of a new trend among travel lovers that is, Work while Traveling - Workation.

In today's world of the New Normal (that is COVID still around), with no offices, no going out, and have a considerable amount of outdoor parties with friends and colleagues, a vacation along with your work, has now become a new way to inspire and motivate ourselves.

With the emerging digital world and remote working, people have started realizing that they can balance work along with exploring new places.

It is not that we were not traveling enough after taking off from our offices. But this time we wanted a relaxing break from the same monotonous work from home life without any worries of office leaves.

So after a discussion with our friends, we along with two more couples have decided to plan for a workation trip. We were so excited about this trip and started planning for the same. Staying in Goa for longer and that too with friends is something that drives all of us in enthusiastic mode.

Below are the reasons why a workation?

Workation gives more time than a normal holiday to travel and explore. You can live like a local, get to know more about the place, and relish more without any tension of office leaves and time constraints.  

The majority of us enjoy an ideal combination of work and vacation. Imagine you working in any cafe enjoying a cool breeze having your booze. Also, you have enough time to explore, pre and post-working hours every day, without compromising your day-to-day work. Isn't it amazing!

Why Goa for Workation?

The most difficult decision for us was to choose a pleasing destination for a workation and after a lot of pondering we decided Goa as our destination. 

You can sit and work watching the beach! Gazing the small and large waves while working and sipping your chilled beer as you work - feels like a dream! Well, this is possible in Goa! :)

Beaches, greenery, peace beside the seashore, party on weekends, are a few merits of Goa. We had visited Goa earlier but for like 3-4 days (You can read Trip to Goa - A Complete Travel Guide in case if you are planning for a short trip), which were not enough for exploring the whole place. There is a lot to see in this paradise of natural beauty. Now we had the opportunity to explore many unseen beaches, amazing cafes - mornings bistros, the greenery of South Goa.

Also, Goa has good internet connectivity which is the mandatory requirement for a workation without any hassle. Another thing to be considered is the accommodation in Goa and there is plenty of option available both in North and South Goa from which you can choose your stay having all the luxury and amenities along with relaxing ambiance. 

Where to Stay in Goa for Workation? 

Accommodation is a very important aspect when going for a workation. You need a place where you are comfortable enough to spend a longer time. Other than infrastructure, there should be the fulfillment of all of the amenities needed for setting up your workstation. 

We started searching for the best place to crash that can meet the necessary criteria. let us see what are they-

The expense of Stay: Thinking about the budget is the first crucial point because it is not just a few days trip, it is a 15-20 days stay. We wanted an economical range for our stay.

Food and Inclusions: The next important part is food or availability of kitchen, cooking essentials, staff for cleaning. Health and hygiene play a very important role these days.

Internet and Power backup: Availability of Power and internet is the next mandatory check. We needed a 24 hours power supply with high-speed wifi, which should be sufficient enough to connect office conference calls and meetings.

Connectivity: We needed a well-connected area all way. The area from where we can get beach view, along with that medical shops, general store shop, grocery, etc.

Airbnb Option

The most feasible and convenient option is Airbnb especially for a stay of longer duration. This is the best option for medium to low-budget travelers. They have options with good value for money and may give discounts if you are looking for a longer duration.

Also, you will get a kitchen to cook for yourself with all the basic equipment. After searching a lot and checking options everywhere, in hotels, apartments, we finally got this wonderful deal in Airbnb. 

We wanted to cover both North Goa and South Goa in 15 days. So we choose our stay right in the heart of Goa, Dona Paula, which is close to Panjim and has many hidden unseen beaches like Bambolim beach, Miramar Beach, Dona Paula jetty. We could actually see the beach from our stay. We took a 3-BHK apartment named Curly Coelho's Cottage for our stay, It has a kitchen, a big beautifully decorated hall, dining area, and a balcony with the sea view.

Dona Paula
Beautiful Curly Coelho's Cottage in Dona Paula via Airbnb

There is a husband-wife couple as helper/cook, who was very nice and kind to us. They used to come every day for room service and cleaning. We had hired them to cook lunch and dinner for us. Also, they took care of our daily grocery needs which is a great help during our stay.

Medium Range Resorts & Hotels

There are many options for medium-range hotels in Goa. But there will be no kitchen in hotels, unlike Airbnb. Although you will get proper power backup, wifi, personal space, room service, you can order food and services from the staff if required. Few hotels and resorts also may provide discounts if you are staying for longer.

If you are ok to eat outside every day for 15-20 days, then you can opt for this option also. Make sure it has all your requirements fulfilled.

Luxury Resorts & Hotels

We also have the option of a top-class, lavish stay in Goa if money is not concerned. Hotels like Taj Fort Aguada GoaThe Leela GoaMarriot Resort and SpaITC Grand, etc. They are full of facilities, 24 hours backup of power and high-speed internet, easy and private access to the beach, beautiful surroundings, and mouthwatering food.

This will cost much for 15-20 days, but if it fits your budget, don't give it a second thought.

Beach Cottages & Huts

Beach cottages will be very easily accessible to the beaches but I would not recommend staying for longer because they will have only basic amenities, usually small and not luxurious. We stayed for one night in a beach cottage in South Goa - Saxony Garden Resort.

The hospitality was good, the cottage was basic, a good option for weekends but not for a workation.

Saxony Garden Resort, Agonda
Saxony Garden Resort, Agonda

What is the Best Location for Workation stay in Goa?

You will get a lot of accommodation options in North Goa and South Goa and even in the center part i.e. the city of Goa.

North Goa: North Goa is more crowded as compared to other parts of Goa. The reason is that there are a lot of famous Beaches in line plus the North Goa is the party spot of Goa considering the number of clubs there. You can plan to stay in this part of Goa if you want to work during the day and want the party and nightlife after the evening. 

South Goa: South Goa is totally different from North Goa. You will get peaceful and much quieter beaches in South Goa. There is a calmness on the beaches of south Goa may be because of fewer people. If you want a feeling of peace with nature and some privacy with your family and friends, you can plan your stay in South Goa.

Center part of Goa: You can even stay at the center of Goa like in Panaji or Dona Paula. You can easily reach North Goa within 25-30 Minutes. Also, you can visit nearby churches and the Fontainhas area on weekdays.

How to spend working weekdays in Goa?

You can go for a morning or evening walk on the beachside.

You can even go out for an English breakfast in nearby cafes or any famous bistro hub. In case you are planning to stay in old Goa, I would recommend for morning breakfast visit Perfect Cup. They serve delicious breakfast and it's very close to Miramar beach so after a morning walk in Miramar Beach you can grab your morning breakfast here.

Perfect Cup Cafe near Miramar Beach
Perfect Cup Cafe near Miramar Beach

You can visit the nearby churches and explore local streets in Old Goa which is famously known as Fontainhas. You can read Fontainhas, Goa - Ultimate Travel Guide to know more about this beautiful place.

If you want, you can work watching the seaside on the beach, sipping your coffee.

Dona Paula
Work scene at a cafe overlooking the beach near Dona Paula Jetty

You can go and enjoy your evening tea/coffee while watching the sunset on a nearby beach.

Beautiful Sunset at Sinquerim Beach
Beautiful Sunset at Sinquerim Beach

After office hours, You can plan for Casino because anyway casino's entry is after 7 PM.

What to do on the Weekend in Goa?

Weekend means you have two full days with you. You can pre-plan where you want to go in the coming weekend.

If you stayed in North Goa or the Center part of Goa, you can plan a one-night 2 day trip to South Goa. South Goa has lots of beaches and places to see, which cannot be covered in a day, you need at least two days to cover everything. So you can plan an overnight stay over a beach cottage and enjoy your weekend morning just in front of the sea. You can do swimming in the morning if you want to.

On one of the weekends, you can plan a tour to North Goa. You can revel on Baga beach and cover the beautiful beaches of North Goa. Try some water sports in Vagator beach. Also, If you are fond of historical places you can visit Aguada Fort and Chapoda Fort in North Goa.

You can plan for Dhudsagar waterfalls for a day. 

You can spend your day in the beach shack and relax enjoying the beach vibe, watching the sunset.

You can have a city tour of Goa and explore Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary around Mandovi river.

How did we spend our Workation?

Our workation trip was adventurous, exciting, and very delightful. We were planning for this for like months. It took lots of planning and research to accomplish this workation. We were confused about our stay because if accommodation is good, rest everything would be sorted. We searched lots of options in North Goa and South Goa, checked our requirements, and finally decided on a cottage in Dona Paula.

The Dona Paula jetty was just within walkable distance. The place got truly famous after the Bollywood movie "Singham", a famous fighting scene of the movie was shot here. Another beach just 10 minutes distance was Miramar Beach, which is also quite famous among locals for morning and evening walks.

We started most of the weekdays with homemade breakfast and refreshing juices that we cook ourselves. And some days our cook prepared breakfast for us.

Dona Paula
Breakfast scenes

We explored many exquisite and captivating beaches like Bambolim beach, Sirdao beach which was less crowded. Going to these beaches after office hours and enjoying the sunset was the best part of our whole trip. Truly the experience was incredible and memorable. I think we would never have visited these beaches if we were not staying in Dona Paula.

Bambolim Beach
Lots of seashells in Bambolim Beach

While exploring, we got to know about this really amazing and very beautifully decorated restaurant Sea Shell Restaurant, located just on the edge of Sirdao beach. Both beaches Bambolim and Sirdao are famous for millions of seashells. We collected and brought a lot of seashells from the shore of these beaches. That was really an awesome experience.

Sea Shells Restaurant
Sea Shells Restaurant near Sirdao Beach

We spent one of our weekends in South Goa and that was an incredible experience for a lifetime. We choose to go to South Goa on our bikes and the route to South Goa is really beautiful, It is filled with lush green palm trees and stunning views. I must say we were lucky that we choose to drive and went or else we would have missed this greenery element of Goa.

On our way to South Goa
On our way to South Goa

Also, we covered North Goa, Beaches of North Goa, Para road, which got famous after the movie 'Dear Zindagi'. 

The time that we spent is really rememberable, we are so satisfied and we truly enjoyed these 15 days to the fullest. It was one of the most rejuvenating trips. Enjoying a trip without worries about office leaves was really a distinct experience, we all should plan a workation at least once.

This was our experience of 15 days at Goa Workation.

I hope you liked it and hope it helps you to plan your workation in Goa. If you need any kind of help or guidance please contact us or put your message in the comment section.

Thank you for Reading!


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  1. Great blog, have one query do we need rtpcr report to travel to Goa via road?

    1. Thank you so much, Glad you loved the blog :)

      Yes, If you are traveling via road, At the Goa border check-post you would require to show the RTPCR report not more than 72 hours or if you are vaccinated with both doses you can show your certificate also, Either works.


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