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Fontainhas, Goa - Ultimate Travel Guide


Colorful houses!

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green street, Fontainhas it is!

Colorful Old Latin Quarter of Goa with unique Aura!

If you know Goa only for Beaches, Sea and Sand, loud music, and party, you have to revisit Goa to discover the colorful Fontainhas.

Goa's Latin Quarter, Fontainhas is located in Goa's capital Panjim, which is in the mid of the hustling city. Fontainhas was recognized as a Heritage zone by UNESCO in the year 1984.

Goa was ruled by many kingdoms in history like Hindus, Muslims, Portuguese. But the Portuguese ruled Goa for around 450 years and this is the reason Goa is heavily influenced by that culture in terms of culture, cuisine, even art, and architecture.

The word Fontainhas was emanated from 'Fonte Phoenix', meaning Fontain Phoenix. A water reservoir was built by the Portuguese here. It can still be seen in the location, before Maruti Temple, near the Mala area.

Fontainhas, Goa
Colorfully painted walls in Fontainhas, Goa

What is the History of Fontainhas?

Fontainhas was founded by a Portuguese man Antonio Joao de Sequeira in the late 18th century and he utilized this land for coconut plantation. Later the Portuguese Government's headquarter shifted to Panjim due to an endemic in Goa in 1800. Because of that, the entire area was transformed into residential houses for the Government officials.

These Portuguese houses and cottages are built in very unique and colonial architecture. The short-height cottages have colorful fluorescent paintings. Even the Portuguese names of the narrow and smallish streets can still be traced from history.

Fun Fact #1

Few of the names of the Portuguese streets have interesting stories behind like, 

Rua 31 de Janeiro, named after the independence of Portugal from Spain on 31 January 1640. 

18 June Road, was named after 1946 when the end of the Portuguese revolution started in the country.

Fontainhas, Goa
Loved this beautiful colored wall in Fontainhas, Goa

Architecture in Fontainhas

Fontainhas has colorful hues of red yellow blue and green offering a charming colonial showcase. The distinct design of houses and windows, convoluted design of railings,  designed roofs and tiles, are some of the glimpses of Fontainhas.

You can see almost in every Portugal house there is a special and attractive style nameplate, hand-painted ceramic tiles, illustrated in colorful artwork. There is a verandah in almost every Portugal house.

Portuguese used to paint their houses every year, and the same culture has been followed even now. The government spends on paintings and reviving these colorful houses every year after the monsoon.

You will see the rooster in many of the houses here. There is a red well with two roosters sitting in two red pillars, inside the lanes of Fontainhas. The area is very appealing to take memorable photographs. Even these days people come here to take pre-wedding shots. 

FunFact #2

In Portuguese, the roosters are for good luck. It signifies integrity, honesty, trust and brings good luck to those who put them in their homes.

Portugal House in Fontainhas, Goa
Portugal House in Fontainhas, Goa

What are the Places to Visit in Fontainhas?

1. Fundacao Oriente Art Gallery

Fundacao Oriente is an amazing art center inside Fontainhas, with built-in Portuguese style with an Indo touch in its architecture. This is a hidden gem that has some stunning paintings of a well-known Goan painter, Antonio Xavier Trindade.

There is a beautiful collection of around 140 paintings in landscape and portrait inside Fundaco Oriente. You will find some stunning paintings that instantly grab your attention.

Time To Visit: 10 AM to 5 PM, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Fontainhas, Goa
Fontainhas, Goa

2. Chapel of St. Sebastian

This popular Chapel is dedicated to St. Sebastian and is very famous among the tourists in Goa. This was built in the year 1818. 

The church is whitewashed and looks beautiful in contrast to the nearby colorful houses and lanes. There is a small nave with a small gallery along with a staircase leading to the choir. The Christ's eyes are open in the crucifix, which is rear. The local people believe that there is a magical power in the church which helps good people and punish the bad ones.

Time To Visit: 9.30 AM to 1 PM and 4.30 PM to 6 PM, every day.

Chapel of St. Sebastian in Fontainhas, Goa
Chapel of St. Sebastian in Fontainhas, Goa

3. The Church Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception

This sparkling white church is one of the best Churches in North Goa. The main entry is above the ground floor, after passing through the zigzag stairs. The architecture has an amazing Portuguese style with Goan touch.

The top area is in the form of a crown, you can go inside the hall and offer your prayer and adore the beautiful work of architecture. You can take your photographs and spend some time here.

Time To Visit: 9 AM to 12.30 PM and 3.30 PM to 7.30 PM

The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception in Fontainhas, Goa
The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception in Fontainhas, Goa

What are the Best Cafes in Fontainhas?

DESBUE - European Fusion: This amazing cafe is just near Saint Sabastain Chapel La Maison. They serve amazing Mediterranean, European,  Fusion varieties with great service.

La Maison Fontainhas, Goa
La Maison Fontainhas, Goa

Viva Panjim: This is near Mary Immaculate High School on 31'st January Road. The cafe gives a rustic vibe and serves delicious Indian, Seafood, Portuguese, and Asian cuisine.

Bombay Coffee Roasters: This is a cute little cozy cafe with great coffee. You must try the coffee here.

Cremeux Cafe & Bistro: This is an amazing cafe, we had lunch here. Amazing service and superb food. You can try this one.

The Caravela Cafe & Bistro: This hidden gem in the colorful roads of Fontainhas, Goa serves awesome food and lovely coffee.

You can even do shopping here in Fontainhas. Explore this place on foot. You will find amazing places and cafes to sit, eat and spend some time.

Fontainhas has become very popular these days and many tourists started including this place in their travel itinerary. Spend some time in the colorful lanes and streets of Fontainhas if you are visiting Goa.

In case if you are planning a trip to Goa, we have covered the complete day-wise itinerary in another blog Trip to Goa - A Complete Travel Guide, do check out.

Hope you liked the information we shared on Fontainhas.

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