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Pushkar- A Detailed Travel Guide

It is very well said that if you never go, you will never know!

The same will be applied, for this religious, spiritual, and the most happening city in India, Pushkar. If you are planning to take a break from your busy work life and to get some breath for yourself, then this is your city to travel to next. The spirituality and calmness will make you fall in love with this place.

We planned this trip after a regressive week of work. And we are certainly not regretting this break. Keep reading and find the complete summary of our travel experience and plan your trip.

Before we move on, you must know about Pushkar

Pushkar Fair
Puskar Camel Fair

About Pushkar

The ancient city of India, Pushkar is located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, in the midst of the Aravali range. Pushkar is also known as the "The Lotus flower", is one of the 5 pilgrimages sites of Hindu devotees. Pushkar is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country and outside the country as well.

This amazing city is world-famous for "The Famous Pushkar Camel Fair", which occurs annually in the month of Nov, and "The Famous Brahma Temple", dedicated to Lord Brahma (Creator of the Universe). 

It is also famous for Pushkar Lake, which has 52 ghats. People across the country come here to take a dip in its holy water.

Pushkar is also known as the Rose garden of Rajasthan, because of the cultivation of flowers, which are exported across the world.

Pushkar Lake surrounded by ghats
Beautiful view of Pushkar Lake

How to reach Pushkar?

Pushkar is a popular destination for numerous visitors and devotees across the globe. The place is easily reachable via train, buses or airways.

Pushkar is just 11KM from Ajmer

Airway- The nearest airport is Jaipur Airport, which is well connected to all the metro cities of the country. From Jaipur, Pushkar is 146KM. You can reach Jaipur and from there you can book a train, bus or cab to reach Pushkar.

Railway- The best and cheap way to reach Pushkar is by Train. Ajmer Railway station is the nearest railway station, which is 11 km away from Pushkar. Ajmer is well connected to most of the major cities. Shatabdi Express is the best train connected from Delhi, especially for the visitors arriving from the International airport and Pink city express from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Roadway- Pushkar is also well connected via Road and National Highways from different cities of the country. Also the major cities like Jaipur, Udaipur are connected via Bus. You can book a bus from Jaipur, which is again much cheaper. If you are interested in enjoying the road ride, you can book a cab from Jaipur, the road is well connected to Pushkar.

We visited Pushkar via Roadway from Jaipur. It took 2 hours for us to reach Pushkar.

If you are arriving via train, you will easily get auto service in the station to your hotel. 

Tip: You can bargain if taking an auto or cab service from a railway stand or bus stand.

What is the Best Time To Visit Pushkar?

Pushkar is really hot in summer and actually most of the months of the year. The best time to visit Pushkar is Winters that is from October to March. We visited Pushkar in October. It was sunny though at that time.

Don't visit in Summer, it is really not recommended. The rainy season will still be humid and hot. Pushkar experiences moderate rains during the monsoon.

Where to Stay in Pushkar?

Pushaker is full of hotels from higher range to lower range. Before traveling to Pushkar, make sure you book your hotel because there may be chances of full if you are traveling between October to March. 

Hotels are available near Pushkar lake and many options are available, you can choose any, based on your budget.

We stayed in Hotel Pushkar Legacy. The rooms are very spacious which have two sides open so from the window you can enjoy the beautiful view of hills. Also, The food they served is really delicious, Do try their Lal Maas(If you are Nonvegetarian). Had my lunch and dinner in the hotel and loved the food. The stay is very comfortable and also budget-friendly.

Note: Do read the reviews of the hotel and pre-book your stay in 
Hotel Pushkar Legacy in advance.

Hotel Pushkar Legacy
Hotel Pushkar Legacy in Pushkar

What are the Best Places to visit in Pushkar?

Pushkar is full of places to visit, try to plan at least a 2-3 day trip to cover Pushkar. In fact, it's a place to stay for like weeks. You can feel the vibe, once you enter the city. Starting with:

1. Pushkar Lake 

The whole Pushkar town is centered around Pushkar Lake, which was artificially constructed in the 12th century by building a dam in the Luni River. There are hundreds of temples around this lake and the most famous one is Brahma Temple. There is a belief that Lotus petals fell down from Lord Brahma's hand, and that place formed as a semi-circular lake. Since then this became the place of Lord Brahma. This is the story behind Pushkar's name. In Sanskrit, Pushp means flower and Kar means hand (push+kar), this is how the town got the name Pushkar.

Pushkar is considered the Tirth Raj for the Hindu Devotees, as it was created by Lord Brahma.

The lake has 52 ghats, to pay respect to Lord Brahma, lots of Hindu devotees come to take a dip in the holy water of Pushkar lake in Karthik Purnima, which comes in the month of November. According to locals, Lord Brahma performed Yagna in this lake on Karthik Poornima.

They also believe that taking a dip in the holy water of Pushkar lake takes away all the sins, diseases, and illnesses from one's body. 

Pushkar Lake surrounded with 52 ghats
Pushkar Lake surrounded by 52 ghats

2. Brahma Temple

The temple lies on the side of Pushkar lake and is one of the few existing Lord Brahma temples. There is a marble statue of Lord Sun at the gate of the temple. Photography is strictly not allowed inside the temple. It is said by the locals that, the temple is 2000 years old, but was built again in the 14th century after the destruction done by Aurengzeb. 

Temple in Pushkar Lake
Temple in Pushkar Lake

3. Pushkar Ghat 

There are 52 Ghats all total and ghats are around the Pushkar lake forming a circle. All the ghats are not built together, they were built separately. There is the importance of each ghat and each one has a different story. The history and information of each ghat are available in the stone, you can read all about it.

The most famous Ghats out of 52 Ghats is Varah Ghat, where the aarti is performed. After this, Brahma Ghat and Gau Ghat

Tip: Shoes are strictly not allowed inside. And photography is also not allowed but we took permission to take a few clicks.

Bramha Ghat in Pushkar Lake
Bramha Ghat in Pushkar Lake

4. Savitri Temple

Savitri temple is at the top of the highest hill in the region, the Ratnagiri hill. Savitri is the first wife of Lord Brahma.

When we visited this temple, the Poojari, who was guiding us, narrated to us a mythological story behind Savitri Temple. The story goes like this-

Lord Brahma had to perform Yagya here in Pushkar Lake, but Savitri couldn't reach on time. Since she was not there, Brahma performed the Yagya with another village tribal girl, Gayatri. When she arrived and saw this, she got so angry and furious. She went to the top of the hill and cast a spell on Lord Brahma, that he will be worshipped only in one place, in Pushkar. That is the reason there are fewer Brahma temples around the world.

To reach the Savitri temple, you have to climb the hill through steps or a cable car. 

5. Camel Safari at Pushkar

Pushkar's Camel ride is another famous and amazing experience to have. You can find the Camel cart not so far from the lake. If you are going to Pushkar's Mela or the famous Camel Fair then you will find lots of Camel in the fairground.

Pushkar Camel festival - It is quite famous all around with more than 50,000 camels on one ground. The festival is for 5 days, varieties of culture and traditions are showcased and tourists from all over the countries and cities travel here especially to attend this Pushkar fair.

Pushkar Camel Fair
Pushkar Camel Fair

6. Pushkar fair and Festival

This is one of the largest cattle fairs in the country. Every year on Karthik Poornima, this colorful and massive cattle festival of 9 days takes place. A large number of animals like horses, bulls, camels are brought here to be sold. Colorful turbaned men and colorful odhni of women make this a really lively festival. 

Pushkar Camel Fair
Credits: Google Images

Sunset Cafe in Pushkar

One of the best cafes to witness the amazing sunset along the side of Pushkar Lake is Sunset Cafe. The entire view will amuse you. One can sit for hours without getting bored.

The Cafe is located at one of the Ghats, called Jaipur Ghat since this ghat was constructed by the Maharaja Man Singh I of Amer. You will experience a beautiful view of the lake. The cafe is actually very lively and full of tourists and visitors. This is a must place to go, if you are going to Pushkar. After covering the temples and the Pushkar lake, till afternoon. You can come here by 5 in the evening, have some food and drinks and enjoy the marvelous sunset and lake view.

Sunset Cafe in Pushkar
Sunset Cafe in Pushkar

Pushkar Lake view from Sunset Cafe
Pushkar Lake view from Sunset Cafe

Shopping in Pushkar

You can't take away your eyes from the colorful market all over in small turnings, all the way from the Pushkar lake to the Brahma Temple.

There will be shops of bangles, necklaces, artificial earrings, anklets, clothes, blankets, decorative items. It's definitely tough for especially ladies to ignore these shops and move forward without giving a look.

Tip: You have to bargain while buying anything from the shops. The items won't be much costlier.

Sunset Cafe in Pushkar
Sarafa Bazaar in Pushkar

Safety measures and tips you should remember while visiting Pushkar:

1. Remember you don't have to pay, for visiting the temples or any of the ghats.

2. Don't fall off any donation tricks. There might be fake people who will ask you to pay as a donation.

3. Take off your shoes before entering the temple.

4. Photography is not allowed inside the temple and also in the ghats of the lake.

5. Try to visit in the early hours, if you are visiting Pushkar lake.

Pushkar Lake
Serene Beauty of Pushkar Lake 

Thanks for reading :)


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