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Galtaji Temple Jaipur - History, Timings & Everything

We are here again with a new Hindu Pilgrimage journey, A trip to Galtaji Temple, Jaipur. I am going to cover everything you should know about the place. You will be thrilled to witness the amazing structures and the beautifully designed temples here. It's definitely worth visiting.

Let's begin with knowing about Galtaji Temple.

About Galtaji Temple

Galtaji Temple or Monkey Temple is a very famous and ancient pre-historic Hindu Pilgrimage site. It is in Rajasthan state, around 10 KM away from the Pink city, Jaipur. The place has not only one but a series of temples, built in the form of a ring around the hills, surrounding the beautiful Jaipur city.

There are a series of Seven Holy Kunds, blessed as the reservoir of the holy water, by the natural water spring and the streams of the waterfall nearby. 

This place is full of Positive Vibe, Motivational Charisma, and an Energetic atmosphere. Galtaji Temple has great historic importance and is one of the most visited places nearby Jaipur. The structure and the architecture of the temple depict magnificent beauty and of course, the natural surrounding will make you feel more alive.

Galta Kund in GaltaJi
Galta Kund inside Galtaji

Overview of Galtaji Temple

This pilgrimage site located on the outskirts of Jaipur city has natural springs, holy Kunds, and Temples, surrounded by Aravallis Hills. The temples are located in the heart of the hilly region bordered by the beautiful valleys and gulf. The temples in Galtaji are built with pink-colored sandstone and the temple's complex is vast with big decorated and a designed corridor filled with colorful paintings.

The temples in Galtaji are built like Palace. The interior architecture and the designer carvings make it look amazing. All of the buildings of the temple have round roofs and decorated pillars.

The beautiful Temples look like grand haveli. There are temples of Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Krishna. There is a natural freshwater spring and seven sacred 'Kunds', water tanks. The holiest of all kinds is Galta Kund and is believed that it never gets dried. From a rock, shaped like the head of a cow, called 'Gaumukh', clean and pure water flows continuously into the Kund. There is a beautiful scenic landscape and rich greenery everywhere. 

There was continuous chanting of mantras by the Pandits when we visited the place. Galtaji is more famous among the locals and the nearby villages for its religious belief.

Lord Ram Temple in Galta Ji
Lord Ram Temple in Galtaji

Radha Krishna Temple
Temple Pujari with his Son in Radha Krishna Temple

What is the Best Time to Visit Galtaji Temple?

The best time to visit Galtaji is winter, from November to February and from July to August. Many visitors visit Galtaji in the mid of January, during the auspicious festival of Makar Sankranti. The place is decorated during that time. In fact, there is a huge gathering on this occasion.

Summers are very hot here. It is not suggested to visit here in the hot climate. You can visit in the early monsoon, the place would be full of lush greenery, giving a mesmerizing view. Especially during the holy month of the monsoon (Sawan), many visitors and devotees visit Galtaji Temple.

Beautiful Entrance of GaltaJi Temple
Beautiful Entrance of Galtaji Temple

Galtaji Temple Visit After Covid Lockdown:

As per the recent update, since the covid situation is getting under control, the Kunds and the doors of the temple are completely open for the visitor and the devotees. You should definitely plan to visit, especially during Sawan month (Monsoon).

You can visit and view all of the holy Kunds and temples. There are oversized stairs to climb and have a view of the holy Kunds from the top.  

Visitors are not allowed to access beyond barriers in Covid Lockdown
Visitors are not allowed to access beyond barriers in Covid Lockdown

How To Reach Galtaji Temple:

Galtaji Temple is just 11 KM from Jaipur. You can opt for any of the below options to reach Galtaji Temple.

Airway: The nearest airport is Sanganer airport. You can reach here and book a cab or taxi to reach Galtaji.

Railway: The other way to reach the Galtaji temple is by Railway. The nearest Railway station is Bais Godam railway station, which is 1km from Galtaji. You can take an auto till Galtaji.

Roadway: You can reach Galtaji temple by roadway also. You can take a bus to Vidyadharji ka bagh and from here, you can take an auto to Galtaji. Jaipur is very well connected to all the major cities. The best way is to reach Jaipur and from there, book a cab or take a bus to reach Galtaji Temple.

History Of Galtaji Temple:

Around 1726, Maharaja Jai Singh established the pink city, Jaipur, with royal architecture. There are many temples and places that will fascinate you around the city. But out of all, the Galtaji is the most famous temple.

Galtaji temple was developed by Raja Sawai Jai Singh. The temple is named after a saint Galav, who stayed here and meditated here for 100 years. It is believed that due to his dedication, God appears in front of him and blessed the place with abundant water. Due to that blessing, the place never gets dry, there is water always flowing into the Kunds. The water gets accumulated in the Kund from the natural spring. Out of all tanks, Galta Kund is the holiest, which never gets dry. The pilgrims reach here to dip inside the holy water of Galta Kund to get rid of all their sins and receive blessings. Especially during holy festivals like Makar Sankranti, Ekadashi, and Poornima, the Kund is full of visitors, and pilgrims. 

The temples look more like the mansion, with painted walls and carved pillars. The compound is made of Pink sandstone, dedicated to Lord Sun. 

Temples inside GaltaJi
Temples inside GaltaJi

Galtaji has the temple of Ram Gopal, a beautifully carved and architecturally designed temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Ram both. The single idol in the temple seems to be both Lord Krishna and Lord Ram.  

Another very famous temple in Galtaji is Hanuman Temple, standing out being surrounded by many Monkeys. You will start seeing many monkeys once you start coming closer to Galtaji. You will feel like an empire of monkeys playing, roaming, sitting, and baby monkeys jumping here and there. 

Monkeys in Galtaji Temple
Monkeys are all around in Galtaji Temple

How to Plan to Visit Galtaji Temple?

You can make a small trip plan to visit Galtaji if you are traveling from Jaipur. It's a half-day trip, it will take a maximum of 4-5 hours for the complete trip to Galtaji (going and returning and inside Galtaji). Try to start in the early morning from Jaipur, and reach here in around 30-40 minutes. 

Galtaji is like a treasure of heritage and sacred pilgrimage. There is a spiritual feeling of peace and relief over here. The surrounding will give an awe-inspiring experience.

You may find local kids, maybe the children of Temple's Pujari, taking spiritual lessons by chanting religious hymns, from the senior Pandits. Monkeys playing here and there. Making the place lively and closer to nature. You can bring some bananas or any eatable to feed the monkeys.

Children offering prayer and learning from Guruji inside GaltaJi Temple
Children offering prayer and learning from Guruji inside GaltaJi Temple

The other way to reach Galtaji Temple:  There is another way to go to Galtaji, which is to climb or trek from western Jaipur. There is a fantastic view of the Sun temple and the beautiful attractions via this route. But this is a trekking route. 

What are the Opening and Closing Times of Galtaji Temple?

Galtaji is open from morning 5 am to 9 pm on all weekdays, try planning to visit in the early morning. You will get a glimpse of incredible views before the afternoon sun. 

What are the Entry Fees of Galtaji Temple?

There is no entry fee for the visitors. It's just there is a charge for taking a camera or mobile phones. For one digital camera, the charge is 150 INR and for taking a mobile phone, the charge is 100 INR.
Inside the temple, you can donate any amount of money, if you want. It is not compulsory to give money.

Galta Ji Temple Entry Gate
Galtaji Temple Entry Gate

Important Tips for Galtaji Temple:

1. Try to visit Galtaji, on less crowded days. so that you will have enough space for yourself to visit the place.

2. If possible try to visit during the weekdays, and if you are visiting on the weekend, then try to avoid the mornings and evenings.

3. Definitely carry water bottles with you. 

4. As responsible citizens, try not to pollute the Kund water and also don't drink Kund's water.

5. Keep your belongings and accessories safe from monkeys, there are lots of monkeys playing here and there, although they won't harm anyone.

6. You can carry bananas and peanuts with you to feed the monkeys. It always gives a smile to feed anyone.

7. Be informed that there are no guides available in Galtaji. Although you won't feel any guide's necessity also.

8. The Sunrise and sunset are amazing from Galtaji, one can visit during that time and enjoy the beautiful scenery there.

9. It will take 2-3 hours to visit Galtaji.

Have an amazing trip to Galtaji Temple! 

I hope you liked this blog and got every detail you wanted to know about Galtaji Temple.

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Thank you!

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