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Exploring the Amagarh Trek in Jaipur: A Hidden Gem for Adventurers

Jaipur, the captivating Pink City of Rajasthan, is  full of vibrant bazaars, majestic forts, and rich cultural experiences. But beyond the bustling streets and historical monuments lies a hidden gem – the Amagarh Fort Trek

This moderate adventure offers breathtaking panoramas of the Aravalli Hills and a glimpse into Jaipur's forgotten past.


In this blog, we will coverall the details of the Amagarh Fort Trek, including my personal experience and sharing the highlights of this mesmerizing hike. 

About Amagarh Fort

Amagarh Fort, though not as widely known as some of Jaipur's other forts, plays a crucial role in the city's rich historical tapestry. Built by the Kachwaha rulers, who also established the city of Jaipur, Amagarh Fort served as a strategic military outpost. 

It was constructed to protect Jaipur from invasions and to oversee the surrounding region. The fort’s strategic location provided a vantage point to monitor and control the movement along the ancient trade routes that passed through the Aravalli Hills.

The Amagarh Fort Trek leads you to the ruins of the Amagarh Fort, some believe this fort dates back to the 17th century, possibly built by the Rajput rulers who governed Jaipur – the Kachchwahas.

Aerial View of Amagarh Fort in Jaipur
Aerial View of Amagarh Fort in Jaipur

Trekking Details

Starting Point: The trek begins from Galta Gate, Jaipur(View in Map)

Distance: Approximately 4 kilometers (round way).

Trek Completion Time:  Total Trekking time is 1-2 hours (round way)

Difficulty Level: Easy.

Amagarh Trek Route Map
Amagarh Trek Route Map

What is the Trekking Route of Amagarh Fort Trek?

The trek starts from the Galta gate located at the city side. Once you enter the gate the path will take you to the Galta temple, so instead of going towards a Galta Temple take right and go towards a Sun temple which comes on a way to Amagarh Fort Trek.

As you move forward from the Sun Temple, Jaipur the trail will be easily visible and clear. After covering 2KM It will take you to the point where you will see a diversion of trails from that point you have to take right and once you follow that trail, it will directly take you to the Amagarh Fort.

On our way to Amagarh Fort
On our way to Amagarh Fort

What is the Best Time for Amagarh Fort Trek?

The ideal time to embark on the Amagarh Trek is during the cooler months, from October to March. During this period, the weather is pleasant, making the trek more enjoyable. 

The monsoon season (July to September) also adds a different charm with lush greenery and blooming flora, but it can be slippery and challenging.

This is how fort looks in Summer Season
This is how fort looks in Summer Season

My Experience of Amagarh Fort Trek

I was looking for a weekend getaway and got to know about this place on internet, so was very eager to explore this hike. So asked one of my friend Oshan who also live in Jaipur and he agrees that he will also join me in the trek alon with his Dogs.

We got up early in the morning on Sunday and reach to the starting point of the hike around 5:30 AM. The reason we chose to go so early is due to summer it become difficult to hike after 8 AM so we wanted to cover it before that.

We started on time and in next half n hour we reached Sun Temple. The early morning view of Jaipur from Sun Temple is so mesmerising as many people already doing morning Yoga and jogging which is giving so much positive vibe.

After taking a halt at sun temple for few minutes we continued on our trail which is very straightforward, going towards deep inside the jungle. As many walkers already on that trail it made us feel safe.

Sun Temple is located at the back side and we are on the way to our Hike
Sun Temple is located at the back side and we are on the way to our Hike

We could clearly hear the birds chirping and loud peacock voice, we lost in the beauty of the nature admiring how beautiful it is to come out of our comfort zone and experience this natural beauty. After covering almost 2KM we reached a point where the trek route has a diversion the left trail is going towards a Twin Tower Trek which I have already covered in during winters.

And, The right trail is going towards the Amagarh Fort, We then continued on our hike journey as our destiny is about to reach, after covering another 1 KM we reached Amagarh Fort, we did a small climb to reach to the top of the hill so that we can see the entire 360 degree view of city and Aravalli ranges.

And to our expectation the views is breathtakingly beautiful, we took out our cameras and phones to capture the beauty from the top of the hill. We spend some time soaking ourselves in the calmness of the nature and then continued on our return journey.

View from the top of Amagarh Fort
View from the top of Amagarh Fort

Key Points to Keep in Mind

1. Wear comfortable trekking shoes: The terrain can be uneven, so sturdy footwear is a must.

2. Carry enough water and snacks: There are no shops on the way, so it’s crucial to stay hydrated and energized.

3. Wear appropriate clothing: Depending on the season, choose breathable fabrics for summer or layered clothing for winter.

4. Carry a first aid kit: Always be prepared for minor injuries or ailments.

5. Pack a camera: You’ll want to capture the breathtaking views and memorable moments.

6. You can carry your pet if you want, the trail is easy and comfortable.

I hope you got all the details required to attempt the Amagarh Fort Trek on your coming weekends. I have made a playlist of Best Trekking Places in Jaipur so you can visit them also.

Please let me know in the comment section how you like this blog and do share your experience of this trek. 

Thank you for reading!

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