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Kishan Bagh, Jaipur: A Hidden Gem of Natural Beauty

The vibrant "Pink City" Jaipur is known for its majestic forts, opulent palaces, and bustling bazaars. But did you know it also harbors a hidden gem – Kishan Bagh, a unique desert park offering a refreshing escape from the urban sprawl? 

This restored ecosystem, teeming with native flora and fauna, is a must-visit for nature lovers, history buffs, and anyone seeking a tranquil escape.

About Kishan Bagh

Kishan Bagh has a fascinating story behind it, Prince Jagat Singh of Amer, and his love story with Mariam a foreigner whom he married.  

After marriage, they decided to stay in a palace named after her which is Mariam Mahal, and the scenic surroundings around that mahal are known as Kishan Bagh.

Kishan Bagh is located in the Vidhyadhar Nagar area of Jaipur, and from the same place I have done a couple of hikes like Hathni Kund & Myla Bagh.

It was built by JDA(Jaipur Development Authority) with the help of famous environmentalist Pradip Krishnan and opened to the public in December 2021.

Kishan Bagh Jaipur
Kishan Bagh in the evening

What is the Timing in Kishan Bagh?

Kishan Bagh has different timings for summers and winters:

Winter (October to February): The garden is most pleasant during these months. Visit between 8 AM and 5:30 PM to enjoy the cool weather.

Summer (March to June): For early risers, the garden opens at 6 AM and closes at 6:30 AM during the summer season.

Note: The Park is closed on Tuesday.

Kishan Bagh Jaipur
Kishan Bagh in Winters

What is the Entry Fee in Kishan Bagh?

One has to buy a ticket to enter the park. The ticket details are as follows:

  • Adults – 50/- Per person
  • School Students – 25/- Per person (in this case ID card is compulsory)
  • Kids below 8 years – Free
  • School Trips – Free ( A letter from the Principal will be useful)
  • Photo Shoot Charge – 5000/-

Note: You can pay via Cash/ Credit or Debit Cards.

Kishan Bagh Sand Dunes Part
Kishan Bagh Sand Dunes Part

My Experience of Kishan Bagh

I have been hiking around Jaipur for more than a year and exploring the beautiful gorgeous trails, while doing that I came to know about Kishan Bagh. It was on my list to visit this unique sand dune park but didn't get the chance.

It was New Year's Eve and I thought to visit this place along with my family to experience the Sunset from there. Kishan Bagh is located in the Vidhyadhar Nagar area which is close to my native place so I went in my car and there was enough parking space to park the vehicle.

We reached Kishan Bagh around 3 PM in the evening and after reaching we bought the ticket from the counter, while taking the ticket I learned that the Sand Dune part of Kishan Bagh would be closed after 4:30 PM.

We showed our ticket at the entry gate to the guard who scanned our bags just to ensure we didn't take eateries inside the Kishan Bagh. As we entered the Kishan Bagh we saw a wooden bridge on which we had to walk and on the side of it long Moonj- Local shrubs grow wildly in Rajasthan.

As we moved further we saw different sign boards that indicate different types of plants and shrubs which grow locally in this climate. I was amazed to see the effort taken by the authorities to promote and make people aware of local plants that grow in the harsh climate of Rajasthan.

Apart from the plants, sign boards are showcasing different types of stones placed around the path so that we can see by reading their names. As we all know Rajasthan stones are world famous and it is widely used across different parts of the world.

After walking for 2 KM we saw a hut-shaped structure made up of wood and grass under which seats were placed so that people could take rest there. Also, there is a washroom facility available in case anyone wants to use it.

We didn't make a halt there and continued on our path because we wanted to cover the sand dune part before 4:30 PM, and after a while, we could see a big sand dune structure once we crossed more than 2.5 km. 

We kept walking and it was getting difficult to walk on the sand but we were really having fun there. We soon came across a panoramic view where large sand dunes we could see along with the sunset. I captured a couple of photos there and enjoyed the beauty of this place before heading back.

Enjoyed Beautiful Sunset in Kishan Bagh
Enjoyed a Beautiful Sunset in Kishan Bagh

Overall it was an amazing experience to experience the serenity and tranquility amidst nature. It is best to experience the sunrise and sunset. Just be sure in the evening there was so much crowd. So plan your visit in the morning.

Important Points to Remember

Entry Fee: A nominal fee of 50 INR grants you access to Kishan Bagh’s tranquility.

Recommended Duration: Spend 1 to 3 hours exploring the garden’s nooks and crannies.

Photography: Capture the magic! Photography is allowed in Kishan Bagh.

Pets: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed within the garden premises of Kishan Bagh.

Washrooms: Convenient washroom facilities are available.

Parking: Fear not; ample parking space awaits your arrival.

Hope you have a great time in Kishan Bagh, If you loved reading this post please share your feedback in the comments. If you love hiking I have covered the Top 12 Most Popular Hiking Places in Jaipur.

Thank You for Reading!

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