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Jal Mahal Trek - Best Hidden Trek in Jaipur

If you are a trek lover and keen to explore new and hidden gems of Jaipur, we are here with a new trek, the Jal Mahal Trek. The trek ends at the most ravishing and stunning Viewpoint of the Jal Mahal, which you should definitely experience if you are a jaipurite. You will get all trek details, routes, and information about this hidden yet most beautiful trek here, so keep reading.

Jal Mahal is extremely famous yet I called this trek a hidden gem as this is the least explored trek. In fact, most people, even being from Jaipur don't know much about this trek and the awesome viewpoint of Jal Mahal.

Let's begin with brief information on Jal Mahal - 

About Jal Mahal

Standing in the middle of the scenic Man Sagar Lake, the Jal Mahal is a marvelous structure, seems like a floating Mahal on the lake's surface. It has a breathtaking view of Nahargarh hills and Man Sagar lake that surrounds it. The most unique feature of this Mahal is that four stories of this Palace are submerged underwater and only one story is above the water level. There are varieties of trees and gardens, with beautiful flowers, at the top. 

Jal Mahal is so famous among visitors for its architectural style and its excellent location. Entry for the visitors is prohibited inside the Palace.

It is assumed that the Jal Mahal was built by Raja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799, especially for the shooting lodge for the Maharaja. Some people also claim that it was constructed by Raja Madho Singh I and was renovated by Maharaja Jai Singh II in the 18th century. This Palace was never meant for living.

The architecture of Jal Mahal is full of splendid designs and a technical mind during that era.

Picture perfect view of Jal Mahal from trek viewpoint
Picture perfect view of Jal Mahal from a trek viewpoint

What are the Trekking Details?

Start Point: The trek starts from the Jal Mahal, Jaipur(View in Map).

Trek Completion Time: Total Trekking time is 3-4 hours (round way).

Distance: Trek is 2-3 kilometers Approx.

Difficulty Level: The difficulty level is moderate.

What is the trekking route to reach the Jal Mahal View Point?

The trek starts from the Jal Mahal, at the Kanak Vrindavan side(Please refer to the below map). There is a parking area to park the vehicles. 

Walk for around 1.5 kilometers, and you will find Veer Hanuman Mandir Board on the left. Skip this left path and keep walking straight. You will find another left after 500 Meters where the water tank is placed. Take the left from there and climb the stairs. Keep climbing through the stairs, one stair path will take you to the temple but before reaching the temple there is a way to the right of the stairs. 

At this point, you will find a black-colored water tank at the base of the hill use this as a marker. This is the actual starting point from where you will enter the forest trails to climb up.

Keep climbing the hill through the forest trails. After walking for around 1 hour and you will find a wall of big stones from there on, You need to take the right and follow the trail, which will take you to the final viewpoint.

Jal Mahal Trekking Route Map
Jal Mahal Trekking Route Map

What is the Best Time for Jal Mahal Trek?

Jal Mahal trek is an evergreen trek. You can plan this trek any time throughout the year, but try to plan in the early mornings to get the best view.

Monsoon season: The monsoon season will give you the best view because of the greenery. Half of Jaipur will be covered with green vegetation, and the weather would be just lovely. So you can plan this trek during the monsoon season.

Winter season: Even the winter season would be good as you would witness the foggy and misty side of nature. After reaching the viewpoint, the fantabulous view of Jal Mahal will definitely make your trek worthy.

Summer season: In fact, you can even plan in the summer season, but in the early mornings as the sun will shower its burning rays after that you'll feel extremely hot and may not enjoy this trek.

Captured this incredible view of Jal Mahal while trekking
Captured this incredible view of Jal Mahal while trekking in Monsoon season 

My Experience of Jal Mahal Trek

In my recent series of Best Treks in Jaipur, I was in search of a trek that is inside the city as I was feeling a bit lazy to go outskirts this weekend. During my research, I got to know about Jal Mahal Trek but the information was very limited. And I was keen to explore this place as I was enthralled by the imagination of the view of Jal Mahal and my Jaipur city from the viewpoint.

I planned this trek with my brother and dad. We started in the early morning around 4.30 and reached Jal Mahal by 5 - 5.15. I must say, the mornings in Jaipur especially during the monsoon season is beautiful. I am so fascinated by the greenery, and birds chirping in the silence of nature. We absolutely had no idea about the trails and the path of this trek as I mentioned I couldn't find much information about this trek on the internet.

Jal Mahal vehicle parking gate
Jal Mahal vehicle parking gate

We parked our car in the parking area(View in Map). Took our required belongings and started walking. It was still dark, actually not fully dark, but the sun hasn't come up yet. We started walking for around 1.5 kilometers and found a board of Veer Hanuman Ji Mandir. I knew that the trek will start somewhere nearby the temple.

Then as we moved forward around 500 meters to our left we found a black water tank with "Jai Shree Ram" written over it and that exactly is the trek starting point.

Jal Mahal Trek Start Point
Jal Mahal Trek Start Point

Once we moved forward from our start point we found the stairs to climb, we started climbing, one direction of the stairs was for the temple and the stairs ended in another direction, where we again found a black water tank which is an indicator of our forest trek trail(Do watch out my Jal Mahal Trek Vlog if you have any confusion regarding the route).

As we were going in the monsoon season and as I mentioned this trek is not much explored, the trails were fully covered with big grasses and vegetation. We arranged sticks to clear the trails as there were many spider webs on the way. We kept walking, the trails were steep and a bit tougher as compared to my previous Jaipur Treks. There were bushes and big grasses everywhere although the green surrounding, stunning scenery, and wonderful weather kept motivating us to move forward. 

Trek trails fully covered with grass and bushes
Trek trails fully covered with grass and bushes

After walking for around 1 hour, we saw a wall made of stones and also the path to climb that wall. We quickly climbed up to the wall and from there on we took the right and followed the trail to continue our trek journey to reach the trek viewpoint.

The beauty from the top of the wall is stunning, even though it was not our viewpoint still the view of the Aravalli ranges and Jal Mahal is breathtaking. As we walked further the trail got harder as the path is narrow and big cactus plants made it harder to walk on it. 

Fort wall is fully covered in bushes making it difficult to identify the tracks
Fort wall is fully covered in bushes making it difficult to identify the tracks

After covering 1 Kilometer on that trail we started seeing the viewpoint area and within a few minutes we reached our viewpoint, To be honest, The view of the Jal Mahal, standing in the mid of Man Sarovar Lake from that location was just amazing and marvelous. Although the sun was already up and we missed the exact sunrise but still I could see the yellowish-orange sky, which multiplied the beauty of the Jal Mahal altogether.

Trek viewpoint from where we can see Jaipur city overview and Jal Mahal
Trek viewpoint from where we can see Jaipur city overview and Jal Mahal

I couldn't imagine such a location in Jaipur if I haven’t attempted to go on this trek. Other than the fabulous Jal Mahal, we could see the entire ravishing Jaipur city, half covered with green vegetation. The aura of the place was so satisfying and gratifying. There was so much peace and calmness in the place that I couldn't even imagine I would ever find such a stunning location in Jaipur. 

We sat there to grasp this beauty for some time, had quality moments with Dad and brother and clicked some amazing pictures, and finally started our return journey. Returning was not as difficult as now we already knew what is the correct route.

Picturesque view of Aravalli Hills and Man Sagar Lake
Picturesque view of Aravalli Hills and Man Sagar Lake

Jal Mahal Trek was one of the best treks I had in Jaipur. Although it was a bit difficult and we were discouraged at the beginning as we couldn't find the way and the trails were tough because of grown grasses and vegetation. But still, we went on and finally reached a location that was so worthy of all the difficulty levels we had while reaching there.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

1. The total trek distance is 3 to 3.5 kilometers and it will take around 3-4 hours to complete the trekking.

2. Carry a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and some snacks or protein bars for munching.

3. Try to wear a good pair of trekking shoes with a good grip as the trail is steep and has stones.

4. Carry a wooden stick with you while trekking into the forest to clear the trek trails and any obstacles.

5. Maintain cleanliness in nature. Do not throw any garbage in open. If you plan to carry snacks with you carry the leftover wrappers with you and keep the surroundings clean for our next fellow trekkers.

I hope you like reading this post on Jal Mahal Trek, Please let us know your experience in the comments section would love to read it.

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Thank you for Reading!

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